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Vulture is the northernmost point of the fifth ridge that crosses Basilicata. The volcano has been extinguished for more than 130,000 years and has a very fertile soil, mostly covered by forests like Monticchio with the two homonymous lakes 660 meters above sea level and originally two craters separated by a narrow tongue of land. Protected by a very curious curtain of beech, oak, chestnut, oak, ash, maple and lime, it is perhaps the most picturesque of the unique landscape of Vulture. Even the water and the woods are rich in fauna of every species. But the rarity of the Vulture is the "European Bramea", a night butterfly found only in Asia. To protect it, the Forestry has created a 200-hectare Natural Reserve, the first example in Italy (1971) of a protected area to protect an insect. Its presence here is linked to the "Fraxinus oxycarpa", an ancient Balkan-Asian plant.
The territory has been visited since the earliest times as evidenced by the fossil remains of the prehistoric site of Notarchirico, near Venosa and the numerous findings of the Paleolithic in the territory of Atella. In the V - IV century a. C. the area became the meeting point of several civilizations such as dauna, peuceta, lucana and sanannita until the long Roman domination as evidenced by the remains of the Venosa Archaeological Park. The Melfi area in the Middle Ages gained more importance with the Normans who raised Melfi as the capital of the kingdom and Federico II, who in 1231 issued the "Costitutiones Augustales", the oldest text of written laws of the Middle Ages. After the unification of Italy the area returns to be in the foreground with the brigantic revolts. The head of the rebels was Carmine Crocco, a native of Rionero in Vulture who organized a band of 2,000 men, succeeded in subjugating Basilicata by crushing the government of the King Piedmont Vittorio Emanuele II.
Today, Vulture is one of the most dynamic areas of the region, rich in mineral spring springs, vine growing fields for the production of doc vinic acid and olives for the production of extra virgin olive oil dop obtained from milling olives of varieties of Ogliarola del Vulture, and for the presence of an important industrial district.
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