Vendemmia Tardiva


As the name suggests (Italian for “late grape harvest”), the grapes used to make this wonderful wine are left on the vines for an additional month compared to standard Aglianico del Vulture. The harvest takes place on November 25th and it is done exclusively by hand. Upon arrival at Casa Vinicola D’Angelo, the grapes have a 29/30 Babo sugar content. The 25-day fermentation, which takes place after the crushing, is carried out in wooden vats. Finally, the racking, just before Christmas. The refinement of this wine has two steps, 10 months in an autoclave and 8 months in tonneau barrels. Very low yield: 1000 litres from 25 tons of grapes, for a total of 2,000 bottles by 500ml.

Harvested exclusively by hand in late-November

Vinification with overripe grapes, after the crushing, the must is left to ferment in wooden vats for 25 days and racked in mid-December.

Refinement 12 months in an autoclave and 12 months in tonneau barrels.

Alcohol content 15%

Bottle 50cl

Available vintage 2015

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Very intense and solid ruby red.


Intense, with inviting notes of ripe and alcohol-preserved fruit.


sumptuous, with spiciness driven by the pronounced tannins and notes of alcohol-preserved fruit and jam

Characteristics of the production area

Production area: Maschito, in the Basilicata region

Soil composition: Medium texture soil of volcanic origin

Training system: Guyot

Age of the vines: 80 years

Exposure of the vineyard: East-Southeast

Altitude: 400m above sea level

Plants per hectare: 4000

Average yield: 1000 litres per hectare

First vintage: 2015

How to enjoy it

Goes well with

Dishes with intense flavours. It goes very well with pasta and truffles or porcini dishes, flavorful meat and hard cheese

Serving temperature

Ideally between 16-18 °C

When to open it

Ideally, open the bottle and let the wine breathe for at least 35-45 minutes before serving

Wine glass

Large. Ideal for intense and well-structured reds that need oxygen to release their rich and complex aromas


It can improve if kept in a cellar for up to 10/15 years