White Grappa

Italian distilled spirit made from grapes

Aglianico del Vulture 100%

Produced by distillation using Aglianico del Vulture pomace, White Grappa of Casa Vinicola D’Angelo is perfectly transparent. The intense floral nose and the delicate flavours make it a must in your liquor cabinet.

Distillation method in selection, artisan and discontinuous, head and tail cut carried out by the Master Distiller at the end of every cycle. No flavour and no added sugar.

Raw materials From a selection of Aglianico del Vulture pomace of Casa Vinicola d’Angelo

System Steam pipkin and discontinuous column with low copper

Alcohol content 42%

Bottle 50cl
Available Vintage 2018

 25,00 VAT inc.




completely transparent


intense and floral, initially pleasant acacia honey and white pulp fruit with distinct licorice and pepper finish


warm, balanced and delicate, with a lingering aftertaste that brings back the entire bouquet